Best shot I could get, but the Gate is the entrance

The PK ARENA is a PVP zone where players can DROP items if you die. Killing a player grants you a PK Point, not to be confused with the FUN pk points (which don't add together, so having 5 pk points and 20 fun pk points does not give you 25 points total) Which can be exchanged for items by Larry. The PK ARENA is a small arena with a bank booth and Larry on the outside, the inside is accessable by a gate. There are two portals near the bank booth, one takes you back home (Falador) and the other to the FUNPK/SKILLING ZONE. There are several rules that apply to the PK ARENA, and failure to follow these rules will result in death and/or jail. To get to the PK ARENA, either use the portal next to the fun pk portal (careful, one is the pk arena teleport and the other is the KBD teleport) or the portal in the FUN PK zone (It will be the one closest to the Altar).

RULES (Also on the Roxoscape forums)Edit

  1. No running, you will get jailed.
  2. no xlogging (logging off by clicking the X on the corner of the screen), you will get jailed.
  3. No Bsing (Calling team then turing against it), you stick to your word. Betrayal gets you jailed.

    Rangedsnow and Daisy are common sights at the PK Arena. Rangedsnow is in the pict

    No Looting (Picking up a drop that isn't yours), you WILL get jailed (and possibly killed by the owner of that drop).
  5. No making your character invisible, this is unfair and you will get jailed.
  6. Farcasting (using magic) IS allowed.
  7. Once you die, you CANNOT get your items back unless you and the other person agree to.
  8. You MUST wear 5 or more visible items into the arena (meaning that rings, arrows, and your inventory do not count), failure to do this will get you jailed.

    Several items exchangeable with PK points

  9. Once a 1vs1 fight has been started, you CANNOT interfere (includes casting healing/vengeance spells, attacking, etc).
  10. If a player tells you not to attack, you do not have to listen to them UNLESS a staff tells you not to attack the player or a staff says not to attack theirself. Attacking a player under staff protection or attacking a staff without consent will get you jailed (or killed by certain angry staff).
  11. You are NOT allowed to go on the hills of the arena (no-clip glitch) unless you are a staff. If you get stuck, ask a staff to help you.
  12. If you attack a player with magic or range on top of a hill, you will get jailed.
  13. No Pjing (Meaning that you attack someone right after thay are done with a 1vs1 fight), you will get jailed.