The FUNPK/SKILLING ZONE is located in the Wilderness, but can be safely accessed through the RED portal in Falador and Edgeville. Despite that it is in the Wilderness, you DO NOT drop items if you die. If you are killed,

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you will respawn in front of the altar. You can kill other players for fun here, and for every player you kill, you will recieve 1 fun pk point. You can exchange these points for trimmed Black, Adamant, and Rune armor from the Fairy Shop Keeper. A word of warning, the graveyard is the entire fun pk zone (with the exception of the small mining area), so if you leave the graveyard, YOU WILL BE IN THE WILDERNESS AND YOU WILL DROP YOUR ITEMS IF YOU DIE!
Pk portal

The fun pk/skilling zone portal, located in both Falador and Edgeville. It is the RED portal.


Despite the fact that it is fun pk, there are still a few rules. Failure to abide to these rules will result you in getting jailed.

  1. DO NOT LURE! Luring is when you trick a player into following you outside of the fun pk area and kill them for a drop. This is very unfair, and will result in immediate jail.
  2. DO NOT GLITCH! This rule applies to everything. Abusing a glitch will get you jailed.

Skilling zone?Edit

There is a reason it's called the fun pk/SKILLING ZONE. There are several shops in the area that sell items to level up non combat skills, and there are trees and a mining area. This makes it easy to skill, because there is a row of bank booths along the border of the arena to bank from. If you wish to skill without being attacked, use the code ::skillingon. This makes you unable to be attacked, and will allow you to skill safely. Note, leaving the graveyard/ skilling zone will disable skilling protection, as it can only be enabled in the fun pk/skilling zone.
Fun pk store

the fun pk point exchange store